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Happy New Year!

| 01-01-2021
Happy New Year! I wish you a beautiful, healthy, hopeful and cheerful year. An activity that cheeres me up, is working on this site and I hope you enjoy visiting it. To make those visits even more pleasant, I have implemented a few innovations. Below the sunny image below, I'll tell you what's new.
Painting of brightly shining rising sun with the text 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' over it.
Painting: Edvard Munch, The sun (1909-1911)
New from now on:

- In the Linguistics category, I'm starting today with a new section, which I have named THREE TIMES NINE. At the beginning of the evening the first episode will be online, and of course also on my Instagram account.

- In the POETRY ON DAY THREE section you can now browse through the poems as if you were holding a collection of poetry in your hands. In the video below you can see (in between the other two innovations) how that works.

- On the archive page of the Cars category I added a drop-down menu. If you click on it, you will see, ordered alphabetically by brand, all the cars I have discussed on this site in the different sections. Right now, there are only two sections, but then again, the year has only just begun...

The video below shows the pages in Dutch, but off course all of it is also available in English.


Image:Wikimedia Commons, own editing.