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March, spring, springtime

| 27-03-2021
It is March, and spring has just begun. In Dutch there are two words for this season: lente and voorjaar. This makes Dutch an exception. In English, Frisian and German I also managed to find a second word for this season, but springtime of course isn't a very different word from spring, and foarjier and Frühjahr are less common synonyms in Frisian and German than voorjaar is in Dutch. Another fun fact: Dutch lente is clearly the ancestor of the same Afrikaans word, while Dutch or Low German voorjaar led to Danish forår. And I suspect that vår and vor are shortened versions of that. But you can look that up yourself ;)
'March' in nine languages. 'spring' in nine languages. 'springtime' in nine languages.


All translations: Google Translate.
Images: own edits with photo from own archive.